10 Campfire Inspired Designs to Warm You Up

Winter is almost over but that doesn’t mean it’s warming up. I’ve been sick all week, thanks a lot Social Media Week and in between Nyquil induced comas, I have been dreaming of roaring campfires and fireplaces. Now that I am feeling a little better and kicking the Nyquil, I decided to to put together 10 Campfire Inspired Designs to help warm you up and if your sick like me, make you feel a little better.

Lava cube indoor fireplace from iceland for small apartments and homes

Ignite your inner viking! The Lava Cube of Fire by Icelandic company Secret North is made of real lava stone so while I cannot guarantee your house won’t catch on fire, I assure you the stone will be fine. Plus, come on, how bad ass would it be to light up a lava stone in your apartment?

piet smokeless fireplace

Th Piet by Fredrik Hyltèn-Cavallius futuristic design is the one I want in my apartment! Fire hazard, schmire hazard. Look how pretty!

campfire lights fire kit by skitsch

The Fire Kit by Skitsch is a sweet little lamp that reminds me of the Girl Scouts. I am pretty sure I earned a badge that looked just like this for either putting out a fire or building one.

Don’t forget the kids! They like fire as much as we do. Yeah, yeah I know kid’s aren’t supposed to play with fire so I have the next best thing, this adorable felt campfire I found on Etsy.

Rephorm campfire indoor

If you’re looking for simplicity, look no further. The urBonfire by Rephorm keeps it simple, add gel and light.

campfire grill decorative

Add a little style to your outdoor bonfire with the Campfire Grill by Andreia Rocha of Dutch Interior Design. I think it’s cool but I wonder about the integrity of the grill over time.

Indoor fireplace in a suitcase

Watch me pull a fire out of my Trunk Fireplace by Altria. Interesting, but a bit dull.

campfire tabletop smokeless

Another Tabletop Fireplace by Secret North. The design is a little wild but then I thought, you know it’s just edgy enough that teens would think it was cool. Unless you house an angry teen, then it’s probably best to keep flammables away from them.

qrater campfire from extremis

The modern campfire Qrater by Extremis not only comes with nifty little modern stools to perch on while you sing those campfire songs, but it includes attachments for roasting marshmallows.

campfire incense burner ashtray

One of my favorites is the Campfire Incense Burner. But you know I love tiny things. I can just imagine little indians sitting around smoking a peace pipe. Is that racist? By it at Klein Reid.

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3 thoughts on “10 Campfire Inspired Designs to Warm You Up

  1. Dan at -

    Great collection of options for that cozy feeling that a fire can provide, when a real fireplace isn’t an option. Thanks for doing the ‘ leg work’ and putting together this list

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