10 Crazy Chandeliers Made From Recycled Materials

1. Bulbs Unlimited makes good use of old light-bulbs.


2.  Berlin-based lighting designer Stuart Haygarth collected a thousand used party poppers after the millennium celebration in London to create this playful one off piece.


3. Artist Madeleine Boulesteix creates gorgeous chandeliers out of old tea cups.




4. Hundreds of recycled coffee stirrers give this chandy a luminous glow.


5. You’ll never have to search for a pen again with this fixture in the house. This chandelier by design studio en Pieza is made entirely of Bic ballpoint pens.


6.Your gonna drink em’ anyway, why not hang them in the rec room after your done?


7. British designer Ali Siahvoshi makes lights using everyday objects, like this one made of silverware.


8.Dutch designer Anneke Jacobs used Chiquita banana cartons to create this colorful fixture.


9. Another brilliant creation by the king of recycled lighting Stuart Haygarth. The Tide Chandelier. It’s made from the debris he found washed up along a specific stretch of Kent coastline.

tide.jpg  tide2.jpg


10. And we’re pretty sure these aren’t recycled but we couldn’t help including it anyway. Presented by feminist group The Guerilla Girls at the Venice Biennale 2005, a chandelier made entirely of tampons. You got to give them points for irony, it’s called The Bride!

Correction: It’s been brought to my attention that Portuguese artist, Joana Vasconcelos was actually the creator of the chandelier below. I apologize for the error and thanks for calling me out on it. 🙂


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42 thoughts on “10 Crazy Chandeliers Made From Recycled Materials

  1. Rico Suave at -

    Wait, what?

    These people hang garbage from their ceiling, and are celebrated for it?


  2. my daughter works for lamps plus, and i myself have dressed some beautiful crystal chandelears, ? these are really creative. i have saved them so i could show her, if youve ever dressed one, you would know they arent easy, you mess up one part along the way, you have to start over

  3. Rico, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    I wouldn’t have any of those in my house, but they do look rather neat.

  4. Jonna at -

    There is a rich history of found, gleaned, and reclaimed objects in fine art. There is also a planet that’s currently choking under our garbage.

    An object is only garbage as long as it’s on the curb, in the can, or at the dump. I don’t see these materials there…

    Way to be a dork, ‘rico suave’.

  5. Pretty cool stuff.

    And Rico? It’s called imagination… look into it.

  6. Dave Grohl at -

    Are you fucking blind or simply fucking blind ?

    Those are beautiful works of art – and the proper word for what they are made of is ‘trash’.
    Discarded FOOD is garbage.
    You can’t appreciate the beauty of something out of the ordinary ? WHATEVER.
    Btw, and how are your braille lessons going ?

  7. Grant at -

    is it garbage if it is used?

    One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure…

    It’s a wonderful use of human imagination… taking trash and making something interesting out of it 🙂

  8. javi at -

    one man’s garbage is another man’s fortune. living in this world in the 2000 era has made us humans realize that we need to reuse, reduce, recycle. i think its great that people can make art out of what most of us would consider garbage. ingenuity and imagination are two very powerful tools.

  9. Me at -

    How is a tampon chandelier ironic?

  10. I think it’s cool! It’s unusual art. Something you dont see everyday that makes you stop and think about how many of one thing we waste. Brilliant!

  11. O. Please at -

    Refer to comment 1.

  12. Jaclene at -

    That isn’t the point, it’s the creativity of the idea. You would never think of taking these ordinary things and creating a chandeleir out of them right? Well, they did, and it’s awesome.

  13. Colleen at -

    I think this is incredibly creative and clever. Rico- obviously you have no artistic sense. These are all quite beautiful, and I particularly like the ‘tide’ one. :]

  14. Wendy at -

    WOW!!! All I can say is that is so amazing!!

  15. Ayeyas at -

    What? are you talking seriously??!!

    It’s not garbage, it becames art!! have a little perspective, dude.

    B the way, the one of the tampons is really cool! jojo

  16. liz at -

    Shut the fuck up Rico Suave!! These are awesome. It’s amazing how they can be beautiful and made out of garbage. I like the tea cup the most.

  17. frances at -

    very nice. I don’t quite like the last one though =P

  18. Eddy Variety at -

    This is so stupid. My girlfriend went to Walmart the other day to buy some tampons. Guess what? SOLD OUT. I think it’s due to these guys that I have a huge blood stain on my shag rug. Thanks a fuckin’ lot.

  19. Jess.Juxtaposed at -

    They have accomplished more than you, if you’re just randomly checking it out just to bash it. While they’re doing something productive, and positive, you’re doing something destructive and negative. Kudos to you Rico Suave!
    I’m celebrating the fact you’re a closed minded individual! Nothing wrong with that, but you’ll learn life isn’t that fulfilling if you continue on this path. Well, no you won’t, actually, that would require opening your mind a bit more. Take care! All the best!

  20. ehsaan at -

    person above = jackass

  21. Ginevra at -

    Lol tampon chandelier.

    The Tide one doesn’t look real like the others. o_O; With the no background and such, looks poorly photoshopped or something.

    I also like the coffee stirrers, the teacup one looks tacky. >>;

  22. I like how colorful the second one is (with the poppers), but the beach debris one has to be the prettiest (ironically).

  23. I thought this was a really cool way to recycle and to make art of discarded items. I really wanted to share this site with friends but unfortunately some people and their idea of freedom of speech and abuse it. Now I have to send it on with warning for them not to read your offensive comments. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Just shut up for once, get a hobby, get a life.

  24. trace13 at - Author

    Hi readers,
    I am really surprised and excited at the passion this post has generated. While not everyone may find these pieces to their liking, the artist intention, I believe, was to express the possibilities that exist. Art has always been objective. Hence, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I hope that was reflected in my post. Although I may not agree with some of the opinions expressed here, as the editor of this blog, I feel it’s important to include them all as long as they pertain to the subject. My hope is that we can constrain personal attacks and focus more on discussing the subject itself. Having said all that, I personally would like to thank all of you who have read my little post and hope that you will visit MUL often. Opinions good or bad are always welcome. Thanks again for stopping by!

  25. unicorn at -

    there’s nothing wrong with someone voicing an opinion – I think they are great – yet I think tracy emins stuff is shite – an opinion after all is just someone thinking out loud and i hope we dont start legislating that.
    I trust the last one isnt recycled in the real sense.

    dont kid yourself trace – its hardly passion to say you think somethings crap

  26. Great finds. Must have been one big contest! I love the beer, stir sticks and the pens. Those are brilliant.
    They are all terrific!

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  28. Mj at -

    “”Imagination is more important than knowledge”” EINSTEIN. ENOUGH SAID! Rico Suave ur mind is like a peanut, SERIOUSLY, but u know WHATEVA! LOL

  29. Bri! at -

    These are fantastic… =]

    Now everyone doesn’t need to rag on Rico… he’s obviously young and immature and can’t appreciate true artwork and creativity.


  30. Serena at -

    These chandeliers really are quite unique and very insightful. I have been looking for all types of chandeliers myself. One of the best websites I came across online was http://www.everychandelier.com. Definitely recommend this to everyone.

  31. Nice stuff – Unexpected materials and still it looks quite fancy!

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  33. João Barreto at -

    The last chandelier is actualy from the portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (I dont think the Guerrilla Girls have anything to do with it…). She also made a chandelier out of plastic forks shaped has a portuguese heart.

  34. Ana Dias at -

    João is right. The Bride Lamp is from Joana Vasconcelos! Please correct your post!

  35. The chandelier was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2005 as a Guerilla Girl work, it is by Joana Vasconcelos. The confusion might be caused by Guerrilla Girls names that are pseudonyms generally based on dead female artists.

  36. Tracy at - Author

    Thanks for your comment, Naomi. It’s sometimes hard to verify information. I always try my best to credit the designer, so I appreciate you following up.

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