10 More Crazy Chandeliers Made from Recycled Materials

When I wrote a blog post entitled ‘10 Crazy Chandeliers Made from Recycled Materials‘ back in 2008, I had no idea it would go on to become one of the most popular posts on MUL.  I tried to dissect why people loved this post about chandeliers made with ball point pens and, eek dare I say, tampons. Yes, the crazy chandeliers post has an image of a chandelier made from tampons– don’t worry they’re not used.  Maybe they’re considering purchasing a recycled lamp or light and stumble upon the post while researching their purchase. Or maybe their really ambitious and want to make their own recycled chandelier. Perhaps they have recycled materials that they think would make an awesome light source. If that latter is you, feel free to pass along your recycled creation to me. I’d love to post about it. Whatever the reason, in the spirit of give the people what they want, I surfed the web (does anyone even say that anymore?) for more crazy chandeliers made of recycled or sustainable materials. I hope this post provides inspiration to all the resourceful makers, passionate recyclers and opportunistic designers out there. Enjoy!

Barbie Doll Chandelier

chandelier made from old barbie dolls


Plastic Keg Cup Chandelier

sustainable chandelier made of plastic cups


Recycled Skis Chandelier



Recycled Globes Chandelier

Recycled world globe chandelier


Pencil Chandelier

chandelier made of no. 2 pencils


Post It Chandelier

cool light made out of post it notes chandelier


Bicycle Chains and Rims Chandelier

bicycle chain and rims chandelier


Spectacle Chandelier Made with Recycled Eyeglasses

SPECTACLE chandelier made with recycled eyeglasses


Old Records Disco Ball Chandelier

chandelier made from old records


Old Wine Barrel Metal Chandelier

Chandelier made from old recycled wine barrels rings


Also if you want to check out the first post that contained everything from Bubble Chandeliers to Rat Chandeliers  and yes, even the infamous chandelier made of tampons, be sure to click this link right here.

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