10 Quirky Chairs You Can Actually Sit On

Introducing Nemo by Fabio Novembre, a concept we love! Sure it’s a little disturbing.  The white mask really freaks us out, we mean the one the woman is wearing not the chair (if you’re even looking at the chair).

Oh the silliness of the Design Virus Chair by Pieke Bergmans, it’s like having your own life-size Monsters Inc. doll.

We want to give The Memory Armchair by Ole Jensen a great big hug. And this chair looks like it would hug back.

The Hoodie Chair by BRDA is a novel concept, yes, but it’s hoodie would also useful storage. A great idea for restaurants and lounges.

Arrrrgh! I  am the Monster Chair by Marcel Wanders for Moooi. I act scary but I am actually just drawn this way.

In the future all furniture will folded and bolted together. The Felt Chair by Lothar Windels has seen the future. Results above.

We think if you name your chair after cheese, we should want to eat it. So why don’t we feel like taking a bite out of the  Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto?

They call it the Cell Chair from Automare but it kinda reminds us of a bunch of footballs glued together. Anyone else?

Enjoying the warm glow of The Bright Woods’ Collections ‘Illuminated Chair’ from Giancarlo Zema

Wonder if they make a ‘Deviled’ version of the  Egg Chair from Mod Prop?

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3 thoughts on “10 Quirky Chairs You Can Actually Sit On

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  2. very unique design and Amazing! so creative,love it.

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