10 Tables Made from Recycled, Reworked, Reclaimed Materials


62 Ford Galaxy Coffee Table by The Weld House.com

What happens to bad ass cars once they die? Most end up at the bottom of the junk heap but designer Joe Helster of The Weld House.com believes they deserve to be reincarnated into sweet  tables. Click here to see this table in its former life.


Recycled Phone Book Coffee Table by Rodrigo Jaroseski

There are literally 5 phone directories sitting outside of our apartment door at this very moment. Money!


The Lost & Found Table by &Made

The combination of found furniture and solid timber turns these unique and stylish tables into quirky conversation pieces.


Salvaged and Scrap Wood Coffee Table by Jesse Portz

Made from scrap lumber and forklift pallets this small table uses resources that would otherwise end up in landfills. We think it resembles the skeleton of some small prehistoric beast.


Tour Glass/Chrome Table by designer Gae Aulenti


The Stink table by Dylan Gold

Overall the design is striking and we love the dramatic effect the table’s deep crevices but we’re betting this table would be difficult to keep clean. The Link Studio site recommends a glass top if you’re actually thinking of using it as a proper table. The Stink is made entirely of recycled material and water based finishes.


The Recycled Paper Table by Matt Gagnon

This table is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper board or Homasote.  This thing has to weigh a ton! The table can  take years of abuse and it only gives the table more character.


Recycled Wine Barrel Table from Radiant Idea

Old wine barrels transform into a durable coffee table with lots of character.


Recycled Leg Spindle Table by designer Laurent Corio

Used trestle leg spindles acquire a new look with the addition of a new tabletop.


The Solar Table by Afroditi Krassa

The surface of this table is covered with highly efficient photovoltaic cells. The table collects solar energy thus providing a family home with clean electrical energy. That’s off the grid, baby!

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