10 Totally Awesome Things Made Out of Cardboard for Your Home

During a dinner party last night I had a realization, don’t become to attached to things.  I had this epiphany after spending the evening coaxing coasters underneath glasses and following my friends three year old around with a wet towel and dustpan. I realized unlike my civilized friends,  I cared a little too much about material things and less about making memories. I began too daydream about furniture that if destroyed, could easily be put out with the recycling. Thus, a blog post was born. Enjoy!

Pulp Coffee Table with Stools

Furniture made from Cardboard

Cardboard Bed with Drawers 

Swirly Cardboard Bookshelf 

Coffee Table with Recycled Cardboard Base

Cardboard table coffee

Cardboard Cactus by David Stark

Cardboard cactus

Bloxes Build Your Own Furniture  

Cardboard Lounger


Don’t Spill Your Dinner Table 

Don't spill your dinner table


 Cardboard Writing Desk and Stool

Cardboard Animal Trophies

Cardboard animal trophies



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4 thoughts on “10 Totally Awesome Things Made Out of Cardboard for Your Home

  1. cristina at -

    hey i was wondering who designed/made the pulp coffee table with stools?

  2. You missed the new “shelve-breeds ” or “dog-shelves”


  3. Tracy at - Author

    Oh my goodness! That is adorable. I think I might share this on the blog.Thanks so much for sharing.

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