10 Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers


Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

Season your dish and solve the complex puzzle all at the same time. The 80’s style is everywhere you look so we’re not surprised to see “the cube” reinvented as a kitchen utensil.


Cowboy Gourmet Cigarette Salt and Pepper Shakers by Myan Duong

The cancer stick is now a seasoning stick. And does this mean the return of smoking sections?


‘Cocaine’ and ‘Heroin’ Shakers by David Schrigley

Do we offend thee? Oh, ho, ho! A prank or a clever way to keep your stash hidden in plain site? We don’t’ need to season, we just like the way it taste. No really, we can stop anytime we want.


Bird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers by Daniel Jo

Could there be an inspirational theme to these salt and pepper shakers? A white bird (peace) with an accompanying blue cloud (struggle) a sign of the times? Perhaps we’re reaching.


Keyboard Salt and Pepper Shakers

Geeky. We like geeky. The shakers look like the “S” and the “P” keys from a computer keyboard. But that was pretty obvious wasn’t it?


Egg Shaped Shakers

Two halves come together to create a sweet little egg. We could throw in an egg pun here but that would insult your intelligence and we respect yours too much to do that.


Nook Shakers by Umbra

The pepper pot nests safely under the salt pot. These pots make us want to nest. Comfort nesting.


Shake-A-Leg Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ceramic bird feet stand at attention waiting for their call of duty. The precious little corks in the back toes are a nice touch.


Toilet Seat Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ummm…we’re not sure who would want to sprinkle the contents of a tiny toilet on their salad but whimsical none the less.


Disk Shaped Shakers

Two metal disks make up this set up shakers. Clean Modern design makes this set a good optional for the minimalist who wants to make a statement.

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6 thoughts on “10 Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

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  3. Glenn at -

    Do you know where I can buy the “Disk Salt and Pepper Shakers” ?

  4. Tracy at - Author

    HI Glen! I’m sorry I don’t know where you can get them. The post was written awhile ago and the link doesn’t seem to be working. But, I did find some similar disc shaped shakers on Amazon. http://amzn.to/2ru6YmU They’re by Umbra and it looks like it is actually a spice rack, maybe this could work for you? Thanks so much for your comment. -Tracy

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