20 Totally Cool Wallpapers You’ll Never Find at Home Depot

When I moved into my apartment a year ago I had grand plans to paint each and every room a really cool color. However, after years of painting the walls of  the various apartments, mostly by myself (okay occasionally I recruited unlucky souls with the bribes of food and/or favors),  I have found that I just don’t have it in me to tackle another bare wall. So I’ve researched wallpaper options, but not just any wallpaper, I want the coolest, most unusual, drop dead interesting wallpaper you’ve ever laid eyes on. While I am not sure which one of these will end up on my wall, I can tell you these are some of the sweetest wallpapers I’ve seen, ever!

Graffiti Wallpaper by Jimmie Martin

Cassette Wallpaper from Bouf C-60

Bloodbath Wallpaper by Pixers

Spam Wallpaper by Spamghetto

New York City Skyline Wallpaper by Rosenberry Farms

LED Wallpaper from Ingo Maurer

Wild Wallpaper from Smallable

Astronaut Wall Decal from Bouf

Comic Wallpaper

Magnetic Playground Wallpaper by Sian Zeng

Elephant Wallpaper by Wallflower

Lickable wallpaper from Jaffa Cakes

Let ‘er Rip Wallpaper by Znak

I see you–Interactive Wallpaper by Cavern Home

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper from Anatomy Boutique

Imperial Forces Wallpaper from Super 7 Store

Marvel Comics Wallpaper find it at Amazon

Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper from Rockett St George

Skulls Wallpaper from Rockett St George 

Library Wallpaper by Mr. Perswall



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2 thoughts on “20 Totally Cool Wallpapers You’ll Never Find at Home Depot

  1. I’ve never seen such creative wallpapers, I want them all. At the top of my list, is the wallpaper that has lights in it. My second favorite is the lightly sketched pink wall paper with the girl in front of it. Perhaps I could get a wallpaper as cool as these ones!

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