Hand-Painted Keyboards

Our work warrior friends over at Office Blog turned us onto these fabulous Nishi hand painted  keyboards. We love the delicate little flowers and butterflies. It’s colorfully fun and dare we say tranquil? However, if you’re kind of a half-ass typer, you might want to brush up on your typing skills cuz there’s a lot going on here. But we’re sure it would be well worth the effort to be the only one in the office with this beautiful board.

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3 thoughts on “Hand-Painted Keyboards

  1. OMG it is so cute and cool. A must have for geek fashionistas like me.

  2. trace13 at - Author

    I agree Ann. It’s fabulous! The ultimate office accessory.

  3. This is really, beautiful but I’m distracted / blind enough as it is when I try to type…so I should probably stick to the standard black keyboard with the boring white keys…


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