Seven Deadly Sins Wine Glasses

Hamilton Designs gives us their interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins using wine glasses. We think some of them would be down right impossible to drink out of but very entertaining to have on hand for your next cocktail party. And don’t you think they would go nicely with Etienne’s Strange Decanters? Our favorite is Wrath shown below. Featured here are Greed (above) and Wrath (below) to see the rest of the sinful goblets go to Hamilton Design’s website.

via Neatorama

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3 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins Wine Glasses

  1. Mikkel at -

    I really like wrath, but would be afraid to poke my eye out when trying to drink from it, especially after the first few bottles of wine 🙂

  2. OMG! These glasses look like they would make the coolest collectibles works of art, display case and all! Great post Ms. Modern Urban Living!

  3. I love the look of these glasses. They would look great in a collection. But the almost look very dangerous.

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