The Stick-On Rug.

The latest in floor decor-the Large Floor Sticker sold on Rockett Saint George takes the place of a conventional rug. What’s next stick on furniture? Maybe not a such a bad idea. Just think, no vacuuming, no sliding rugs, no tripping-perhaps they’re onto something here?


No need to keep it on the floor, why not try pasting it on a wall or tabletop? It’s a sticker, so it will stick on any clean surface.

via Fresh Home

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5 thoughts on “The Stick-On Rug.

  1. The floor sticker is a great idea. It is cheaper than a floorcloth and has that fabulous scalloped edge. Is this the only pattern available because with a floorcloth you can have any color or pattern you desire and size is also no problem.

  2. Clever, would I use it I don’t think so.Would come in handy if you had kids and they make a huge mess that can’t be cleaned

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Yeah, it really is a unique way to liven up your floors. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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