Anatomically Correct Modern Wallpaper.

One of our favorite blogs is Neatorama, we read it every single day. And often we find things on thier site that we like to share with readers on ours. Why? Because we can’t help but spread the awesomeness that is Neatorama. They rule. One of our favorite contributors is Miss Cellania. She’s a firecracker. Miss Cellania’s latest contribution to Neatorama is her post on this Urinary Tract Wallpaper. Yes, you read right. Artist Shannon Wright created this wallpaper design depicting the body’s urinary system. Interesting but why the urinary tract? Hey don’t get us wrong, we’re a big fan of the U.T., in fact we use it all the time but we never thought it was a stand out in the old anatomy. Perhaps that’s why she chose it, to finally give the U.T. the respect it deserves.

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