Unusual Knits from “Why Would You Knit That?”

This week we have discovered our new favorite blog, “Why Would You Knit That?”. While only a few months old this blog is so freaking original we are totally addicted to it. Why? Because “Why Would You Knit That?” goes where no blog has gone before: Bad Knitting. Reader submissions have included everything from bad 70’s fashion to a mouse autopsy. We’ve included just a few of the projects here but for the brilliance that is WWYKT, check out the website. We promise it will be your new favorite blog too, well after this one of course 😛 .

Much neater than an actual dissection. 


Ladies and gentlemen, your digestive tract.

More after the jump…

Booby Potholders. We don’t even know what to say.

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2 thoughts on “Unusual Knits from “Why Would You Knit That?”

  1. Wow, that mouse autopsy was very original but I don’t see it showing up in high school science labs instead of real mice anytime soon.

  2. Gail at -

    Great mouse…….does anyone have a good infant pod/cocoon/egg patterns……I am trying to find a free pattern…Etsy has one for $35.


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