10 Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts

We hate Valentine’s Day! Yes, we’re bitter and we’re not afraid to show it. If valentines day leaves a nasty taste in your mouth as well, check out these perfectly disagreeable gifts for you or an unloved one.


A cute angry fuck you bag.


Just tell the Devil made you do it. Black roses in a devil vase.


Love Sucks Upcycled Gift Box from Etsy user WarmFuzzyColdPrickly.


Show Cupid who’s boss and whack ‘em, Sopranos style! From Etsy designer worthysoycandles, we give you the “I defy you, heartman!” purse.


The Poison Pen Letter Writing Set. Let your unloved one really know how you feel.


The Broken Heart Knife Block. Better than being shot through the heart?


Your man not treating you right? Get yourself a Bad Boyfriend Voodoo Doll and straighten him out!


The Broken Heart Robot can help put you on the mend.


The UnWedding Ring!


How about a nice “I hate you!” poster with a cute and cuddly bunny?

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7 thoughts on “10 Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. Ha ha ha, this almost makes me want to buy something for this commercial ‘holiday’……I’ll be spending my Valentine’s day taking care of my 4 year old nephew, no romantic candlelit dinners for this guy!!

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