New from Areaware-Brush Vase, Shuttlecock Light, Almond Bowl

We were delighted to see some of the products being presented by AREAWARE at ICFF 2009. While some exhibitors displayed the same designs from last year, AREAWARE had a number of new products to show us. We wanted to show you some of the pieces we really liked.


Brush Vase by Harry Allen

This Brush Vase made of Resin and Marble sure beats the old tomato sauce we use to hold our various brushes and pens.


Birdie by Designer Kiel Mead

We’ve made half hearted attempts to play Badminton in our youngish life but we never had the stick-to- it-tiveness it takes to make the finals. The Birdie light by Kiel Mead makes us want to reach for that star again.


Almond Bowl By Harry Allen

When we picked up this bowl at the show, the first thing we noticed was, it’s pretty darn heavy. Sure it’s an interesting container to store nuts or whatever nibbles you like to keep around but we think, it would also make a pretty handy weapon.

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