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Having spent the better part of our angst ridden 20’s living in Seattle, we have an affinity for those dark, brooding souls inhabiting the Northwest. We were happy to meet  Seattleite Jon Gentry of graypants, inc. at ICFF this year. Jon introduced us to their latest design, the Scrap Light.  Intricate circles are painstakingly cut from recycled cardboard boxes and then stacked and glued together to create a sturdy light. Thanks to the cardboard’s rough pattern the light casts an intricately laced shadow on the wall.  Each light retains markings from the original box giving them a distinct character.

Most booths spent a  fortune shipping their wares to the fair but not the graypants guys. Jon told us, they simply packed all their lamps in suitcases and took them on the plane.

Check out more cool graypants, inc. designs by visiting their website. We also dug the sketch lights below. Paper lanterns made from used sketch paper. If we weren’t moving in a couple days we would totally buy one!


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3 thoughts on “Scrap Cardboard Lighting

  1. Those scrap board lighting looks awesome. I will check graypants, inc. for some designs. Thanks for sharing the link.

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