Decapitated and Mutilated Victorian Dolls

skelton porcelain figurine woman reclining

Jessica Harrison’s creepy porcelain figurines really creep me out! A little late for Halloween but couldn’t resist posting it for my readers. Jessica is also famous for her Flylashes, eyelashes made from the legs of dead flies and hairy, tongue-like sofas and chairs.

porcelain figure with bloody brain in hand ceramic

Ever thought you were losing your mind? The designer takes this concept quite literally. The figurines are made of ceramic and resin.

beheaded  vintage porcelain ceramic dolls halloween spooky

I feel like I have to write something clever and compelling here, but I have nothing. Alright, alright, how ’bout, ‘her head was really on the chopping block’? No, not working for ya? I have a question, would this be considered a set?

porcelain figurine woman holding her own bloody guts

She seems awfully melancholy for someone who’s holding their guts in their hands. But I suppose once you’ve made the commitment there’s probably nothing left to feel bad about.

gorey figurine porcelain dolls with throat slit

This one kind makes me think of this time I was riding my bike and I accidentally rode right into a string that was marking two fence posts. I wasn’t decapitated but I had a red mark across my neck for two weeks. I told the kids at school I had almost been decapitated. I remember hearing audible gasps, so I never fessed up. But, hey I could have been decapitated!

bloody skeleton victorian porcelain figurines ceramic

bloody skeleton victorian spooky figurines

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4 thoughts on “Decapitated and Mutilated Victorian Dolls

  1. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks Calamity! Glad to be inspiration for a class act. ;->

  2. Catherine zepeda at -

    Do you sell these?

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