Baroque Patchwork Furniture

vintage armchair  Eye Catching Seating Items with a Light Vintage Look

The Moda Collection features designs that look like the patchwork furniture designed by former sculptor and painter Lisa Whatmough from Squint. Like Lisa, Moda has taken a variety textured fabrics and mix-n-matched them to create a colorful and unique piece of furniture.

vintage armchair Freshome06 Eye Catching Seating Items patchwork Vintage Look

I was attracted to Moda’s newest collection Light Vintage, not because I like the name, I assure you, but because it represents a certain older style. I adore the new pieces is my friends and I have looked for a baroque style frame just like this so we could make our own funky overstuffed chair.

vintage armchair baroque style frame patchwork fabrics

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7 thoughts on “Baroque Patchwork Furniture

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  2. Michael at -

    These are probably the most beautiful pieces of furniture, and definitely the most creative pieces of furniture I have ever seen in my life.

  3. Deborah Hurlburt at -

    Where can I purchase? Do you sell wholesale?

  4. Nalini lachhman at -

    can i purchase any of the furniture

  5. Tracy at - Author

    If you click the link it should take you to the designer for more info on how you can buy.

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