Miniature Terrariums Are Home to Some Rather Unique Occupants


miniature terrariums with unusual scenes

I am a huge fan of all things miniature. Miniature people, miniature houses, miniature horses… the list goes on. I am also fond of terrariums. I have tried once or twice to make one on my own, needless to say I could never quite get the hang of it and my creations were abandoned in favor of less demanding pursuits.  I am moving to a new apartment soon (yay!) and have been looking for a terrarium I can introduce to my future abode’s decor. I was delighted to find  Twig Terrariums, a Brooklyn, New York based company run by two old friends, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. Their terrariums are unique as each one is home to some rather unusual occupants.

Each terrarium contains miniature figurines in various scenes ranging from tranquil to down right illegal! From peaceful sheep grazing on hillsides to angry punk rockers and Central Park muggings. The terrariums are available for purchase on their website. If you’re in the New York City area, they also hold classes on how to make your own terrariums. I might just have to sign up! Check out more unusual terrarium  scenes after the jump…

Escape from East Berlin?

Naughty, naughty! Nude sunbathers soaking up the summer rays near a babbling brook.







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2 thoughts on “Miniature Terrariums Are Home to Some Rather Unique Occupants

  1. d at -

    I just purchased a terrarium from Twig and I am super excited to put it together! Everything about it is adorable and I have a feeling this will lead to an obsession.

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Sweet! Their website says they teach classes on how to make terrariums. I live in Brooklyn so I’m going to try to take class so I can make my own! Makes great gifts. Thanks for your comment and enjoy your new Twig terrarium!

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