The Orsos Floating Island–A Steal at $4.6 Million

Owning your own island is probably at the top of every lottery winner hopeful’s wish list.  However, unless you’re a billionaire serial entrepreneur like Richard Branson  or a hot-shot leading man like Johnny Depp, you’ll probably never own your own ocean oasis. An island can run you upwards of $100 million and who has that kind a cash just lying around? Not this girl! However, while I have almost no chance at all of becoming a  billionaire, I have just as much chance as anybody to win the lottery. And if I do,  my dream of island ownership just got a little closer within reach.

Part yacht, part island, part, dare I  say, houseboat? The Orsos Island is a steal at just $4.6million. The Austrian company that designed the ‘super yacht’ has started production on a prototype and hopes to display the first mobile island by the end of 2013. That gives me a year and change to start spending my hard-earned cash on Powerball tickets. 

Orsos Island is about 120 feet long and at  3,300 square feet of living space, has enough room for 12 people. The floating island will include six double rooms and space for four staff members. Not being a knowledgeable boat person, I’m not sure how much space the reserve for staff,  but I’ve seen Titanic.  They don’t get a whole room, right? Just a nook to call their own?

The sun deck  features palm trees, an area for lounging, outdoor grilling and of course, a hot tub. And do I spy solar panels on the top of the outdoor entertainment area? That would help to make the island self sufficient, but I wonder about water? Would it have its own filtration system? What about sewage? I know, I know these are silly granular questions, but six people (and a handful of pesky servants) need water–to drink, to cook with, to clean, to, well, you know, do their business. I really love this concept. But I have so many questions about how it would work. Perhaps the company would consider inviting an inquisitive blogger for a weekend visit once it’s completed? I am a prospective buyer after all.


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4 thoughts on “The Orsos Floating Island–A Steal at $4.6 Million

  1. I am literally green with envy! How the other half live eh? That looks stunning. One can dream I suppose!

  2. $4.6 mil seems a little high. I would shop around.

  3. Tracy at - Author

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Mark. 🙂

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