Convertible Desk Turns Into Bed

working desk bedIf you’re like most Americans, you work too damn hard! Did you know Americans work more hours than any other industrialized nation? It’s true! Americans take less vacations, sick days and even retire later than even the Japanese. A recent study showed that Americans average about 59 hours at work per week. Does this surprise you?  No? Yeah, me either. After 8 years in NYC working in advertising, I’ve definitely surpassed that average. I’ve spent so much time at work, I often asked myself, ‘Why am I paying rent? I should just live at here’. A lot of people think this way. Don’t believe me?  How many times have your  colleagues at work joked , ‘I should just sleep here.’?

bed underneath desk concept

After an internship in New York City, designer Athanasia Leivaditou, created just such a concept.  The Desk Convertible Bed is simply a long studio work table that when opened from the side, features a twin sized mattress below. In the future, there just might be places to sleep at every work place, but when you think about it, do we really want to have that option?




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