Soft Cinder Block Cushions


Cinder blocks have long been a DIY solution for creating foundations. From media centers to bed frames, cinder blocks, along with its plastic cousin the milk crate, are the adult version of Legos. If you poll your friends and family, someone will surely wax poetic about the bitchin’ bar they built-in college made entirely of cinder blocks they liberated one crazy night from a construction site. Cinder blocks are a sturdy, and if transported block by block, an extremely mobile way to build whatever your imagination can dream up.



If your feeling nostalgic for your college days, but not wiling to risk prosecution to relive a rad memory, you might like to acquire these soft cinder blocks made of memory foam and covered with felt. Seems like nostalgia for cinder blocks continues to grow, remember the wooden cinder blocks we wrote about not so long ago? Okay, you won’t be able to build a groovy beverage station or store your LPs in whatever you decide to build with them, but you can definitely make a cozy lounging space. And that’s a much better way to daydream about your glory days, isn’t it?


Soft-Block-Concrete-Cushions-Mattress-580x347 Soft-Block-Concrete-Cushions-Wall-580x320



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