5 Unique Rock-N-Royal Chandeliers

Design Group Rock and Royal are well known for their custom chandeliers and mosaics. Grand in scale and outlandish in design, Artist Hans van Bentem makes these sparkling beauties for some of his wealthiest and dare we say, eccentric clients.  Who do we know that could possibly pull off an enormous prick in their entrance?

A good way to deter break-ins.

Nice lipstick.

We actually kind of dig this one. It’s very Rock-n-Roll. Can you dig it? We knew you could.

May not suit Arachnophobes.

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8 thoughts on “5 Unique Rock-N-Royal Chandeliers

  1. oh my… these are outrageous…but i love them! i hate spiders but i could handle having this one hanging off my ceiling, no problem 😉

  2. Colin at -

    how did they get into my apartment to take that picture of the cockelier?

  3. Mikkel at -

    ROFL, that’s the sickest I’ve seen ín a long time, who would want to have a cock hanging from the ceiling? Being 6’4″ I would bang my head against it all the time, allthough being resting comfortably in my sexual orientation (hetero, thanks for asking), I wouldn’t want a cock dangling in front of my face everytime I went into my livingroom

  4. trace13 at - Author

    Let’s not get all puritanical here, with the right paint color that light could fit in anywhere!

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  6. K at -

    Wow, the illegitimate spawns of kitsch and dubious design, on steroids..

  7. Annie at -

    I love outrageous…but to pull it off, there has to be a way to mesh bizarre with class….these are just bizarre.

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