5 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Windows.

Here are 5 ingenious ways you can make your windows the center of attention.


1.Be the star of your own fairytale with these Blond 100% silk curtains by Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus. Discover your inner Rapunzel at online store Lekker.


2. Give your windows personality with Drink And Dream’s graphic window shades. Select one of their hip decals or design your own. Click here for a look at more Drink and Dream shades.


3. Unhappy with the world outside your window? Redo your view with Fantasy Shades from Melissa Borrell. Beautifully designed window blinds allow light to illuminate from outside while giving you an entirely different perspective from inside. Visit Melissa Borell’s website to create your own alternate reality.


4.Don’t be afraid of bold colors and pattern. Look for curtains with retro or modern designs to make your windows really pop.We found these at Contempo Curtains.


5. Don’t limit yourself to store bought curtains, think outside of the box! Carrie, from the blog You’re only bored when… designed these rockin ribbon curtains to counteract her distaste of mini-blinds.

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5 thoughts on “5 Unique Ways to Dress Up Your Windows.

  1. Mikkel at -

    when I saw this I thought…..dress up my windows??? I mean why? I run Mac!! :p

  2. OMG! That Blonde fall drapery look is just too…too!

  3. dan at -

    dig the fantasy shades. reminds me of a b&w hitchcock movie.

  4. Those are some great ideas! I think the hair would bother me after awhile and those ribbon curtains remind me of a car wash.

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