A Unique Cabinet Designed Around What You Already Own

For the most part, I purge. I don’t feel the need to hold on to things, if I don’t really need them. One exception is my eclectic mix of tchotkes I have collected during my travels. Some of them make sense, like the Japanese fan a friend bought as a gift, wooden jewelry boxes purchased in Europe, but others? Not so much.  How does a grown woman display, with dignity, her collection of  Scandinavian trolls, old rock-n-roll mementos and random strange stuff she’s collected on the streets of New York City (I found a molar once, a real tooth!)? I like designer Mischa Kahn’s solution. A cabinet designed for what I already own. A custom-made shelf for every little knick-knack I find. 

Even empty it becomes a unique piece of art. Or a GIANT puzzle you can have fun putting together, by yourself or with a friend.

Thanks to Design Crisis

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2 thoughts on “A Unique Cabinet Designed Around What You Already Own

  1. This is a VERY CLEVER idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Slava´s last blog post ..Sossusvlei

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