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Tracy Fay Modern Urban Living

Tracy Fay is the editor in chief, founder, big kahuna behind the empire that is Modern Urban Living and Modern Urban Baby.

After many years stomping around Bushwick, Brooklyn, Tracy now lives in Los Angeles, California where she is throughly enjoying the sunshine and catching up on her podcast listening while stuck in traffic. By day she works as a digital strategist and social media ‘supstah’ for big brands (and sometimes little baby brands called “start-ups”). By night, when she’s not pounding out content strategies or crafting the next award-winning short-form video, she enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with her adorable long-haired dachshund named Oskar. In the 8 (or so) years Modern Urban Living has existed, it has not only allowed her the opportunity to share her enormous appreciation of art and design, but it has enabled her to travel the world, see some really cool stuff and to attend one or two design shows under the precarious title of “PRESS”. She thanks you.

If you are the next Jonathan Adler or Jaime Hayon, or just think you are,  please feel free to reach Ms. Fay at the email address below.

Tracy at ModernUrbanLiving dot com

And while you’re at it, stalk her on one of her social channels.

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One thought on “About Tracy

  1. My name is Alessandro Criscito, industrial designer and visual artist, based in Santiago de Chile. I followed your site long ago and want to share with you my work in Furniture Design, recently, I am launching a new collection of conceptual designs, each with its own personality and “spirit” (attach pictures). They can check each promotional video and HD images http://www.tevasq.com, Furniture Theme folder. Thus, make a note, publication or assistance in your magazine, blog or various broadcast channels. Moreover, collaborate and publicize their magazine in Chile.

    2016 Collection responds need to bring the wing design with Art, elaborating each model based on a concept or “spirit.” Two models reinventing the concept of “door” with a series of geometric lines in an elastic material specially manufactured. Other models impose new systems of texture and playful mechanisms, aspects that invite a new experience when interacting with furniture. Technology is important, providing the best experience with systems for soft closing drawers and doors. Several of parts and accessories, made especially for the collection. It is aimed at people who value design and recognize the added value that these unique pieces. The key message has to do with innovation and originality of my designs.


    Dimensions: 181 cm wide, 62 cm high and 44 cm deep.
    MDF Laminate, elastic tape, metal.
    First model manufactured – in September 2016.

    “A few years ago so a small change, it has been discovered that chaos is not random, but rather, a super complex order, in the process generates a different result.”

    The Cabinet Chaos reinvents the concept of “door” with a series of geometric lines in an elastic material made for the occasion. A stylized model that intrigues and invites interact with and to live a new experience.
    Its permeable and elastic skin, can store books, computers and all kinds of objects. In addition, it generates a facade that allows you to view objects stored in a fragmented way.

    Video Chaos:

    Watch for your answer, any question is welcome.
    Best regards!

    Alessandro Criscito V.
    Telefono: +569 – 7 – 796 02 17.

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