About Tracy

Tracy Fay is the Editor in Chief of Modern Urban Living. One day, she'll be a filthy rich, obnoxiously pretentious, curator of modern wares. She'll reside in her ultra glamorous European flat with her sweet, but no nonsense maid, and her fabulously gay assistant. Until then, she manages and writes this blog from a small tenement building in the East Village of NYC, which is also home to one very spoiled cat.

Spend the Night in Jail for Just $1

In NYC, many of us feel like we’re living in a cage, but in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you can get locked up  for reals! You won’t have to break any laws, although that is another way you may ex...
Dream Chair Highback

Edgy, Elegant Chair for Dream Home

You know when you see a piece of furniture and you instantly connect with it? I had that experience this morning. There I was doing my hourly daily Pinterest perusal, drinking my iced coffee, when I ...
succulent planters air plants

Succulent Wall Planters

I’m all about everything plant related. But lately, I’ve cut back on my indoor plants, and when I say cutting back, I mean literally. I’ve pruned the heck out of all of my house pla...