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Tracy Fay is the Editor in Chief of Modern Urban Living. One day, she'll be a filthy rich, obnoxiously pretentious curator of modern wares. She'll reside in her ultra glamorous European flat with her sweet, but no nonsense maid and her fabulously gay assistant. Until then, she manages and writes this blog from the eclectic neighborhood known as Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.
strange cool bongs

Lung Bong–Happy 4/20, Stoners!

Hey, hey, hey–happy 4/20! Whether you’re celebrating at home alone, flipping through your High Times magazines, smoking a blunt to the head with your hommies or knocking a few items off y...
adam kalkin container homes

Shipping Container Homes

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a design trends conference at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. One of the speakers was Adam Kalkin, the renowned architect known for turning...