Blow Up Furniture Makes Portable Living Easier!

We are getting ready to move out of our apartment for an extended stay in Europe and we are dreading the thought of packing up and moving our large furniture pieces.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could deflate your household and pack it away nicely whenever  you felt like going mobile?


We think the folks at Blofield had the same thought in mind when they created their line of inflatable Chesterfield sofas and arm chairs.

A portable version of the real thing, the Chesterfield line  is made of durable PVC and vinyl. But if your looking for a low-cost alternative to a real sofa, you should know this is no blow up toy. A sofa can cost you more than 600 €. To check out the entire Blofield line go to their website.


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7 thoughts on “Blow Up Furniture Makes Portable Living Easier!

  1. The Blowfield couches are pretty stylin’… But you have got to see the designer inflatable furniture be Meritalia that glows in the dark. High design blow up furniture that could fit in at any chi chi party.

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