Keep the homefires burning.


It may not feel like winter here in New York City, it’s currently a freakish 64° F (18°C)  but I’m not giving up on the season just yet. Growing up in a ski resort, winter was always the time when our little town started hoppin.  Crisp cool air, crunchy snow underneath my feet and the smell of wood burning in fireplaces always remind me of home.Well there aren’t too many working fireplaces in Manhattan and watching the annual yule log burn on tv is just not the same as having your own rip roaring fire. Soulution! Designer Carl Mertens unique tabletop fireplace consists of two stainless steel “logs” fueled by lamp oil that nest together to create the illusion of  burning timber. I love the effect but I do have a concern about safety, obviously these are not meant for a household with children or rowdy animals (or rowdy children that act like animals) and they are a bit pricey  at $370 for the pair. But if you like living dangerously, you can buy them at Unica Home

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