Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

No boring bride and grooms toppers here! New Hampshire artist and ceramic teacher Megan Bogonovich makes small-scale porcelain sculptures that make unusual wedding cake toppers. While not for everyon...

High Rise Hat

Ever since we the birth of Modern Urban Style, we steer postings on unusual modern clothing and accessory designs there rather than post them here on Modern Urban Living. But when we saw this whimsic...

The Clutch Project

You may think designer Scott Jarvie found inspiration for his Clutch Chair and Light in a frosty beverage but Jarvie’s interest was actually derived by fascination with the structural character...

Fire Power

Urban dwellers live in fear of sudden infernos so it’s very important to have  a fire extinguisher for safety. But big clunky red extinguishers aren’t exactly tres chic, are they?

Marvel Comic Book Wall Mural

Every young man’s dream, the Marvel comic book covers wall mural. Available in 9×15 and  6×10 the mural can help anyone feel like a superhero. via Chip Chick