Domestic Animal Radiators

If you live in an old tenement building in NYC, like we do, you’re probably pretty familiar with noisy, leaky, archaic radiators that sound like live animals.  Dutch designer Guus Van Leeuwen m...

One Night Stand Pillow Case

Awkward moments just got a whole lot easier thanks to this brutally honest pillow case from Phat Pimp Clothing.  Now if they could only invent a GPS to locate your bra. Via Nerd Approved

Kiss Me Stupid!

The opposite sex can be so daft when it comes to love sometimes, so why not give them a nudge in the right direction? These arty pendant lamps are part of ALT Lucialternative Romantica collection. Ea...

Fire Power

Urban dwellers live in fear of sudden infernos so it’s very important to have  a fire extinguisher for safety. But big clunky red extinguishers aren’t exactly tres chic, are they?

The Sheet Seat, Flat Foldable Furniture

Featured at DWR’s M+D+F 2009 and IDSA’s Equilateral Exhibitions during New York Design Week, The Sheet Seat by Ufuk Keskin is not only fun  but it’s also a space saving design. A stack of chair...