Chandeliers Made with Test Tubes Brings Color and Versatility to Home Decor

Another fortunate find Etsy, lucky me! I was doing my weekly Etsy window shopping or as I like to call it, ‘aspirational coveting’ when i stumbled upon the work of Warsaw artist and designer, Magda Jurek. Her design store, Pani Jurek  makes unique chandeliers out of test tubes.

test tube chandelier with flowersThe lights called, are Maria S.c. and are named after and inspired by scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Not familiar with that name? Well what if I called her by her more common name Madame Curie? Yes, The Madame Curie, the winner of the Noble Peace Prize for Physics and Chemistry, the woman who was so dedicated to science that she actually declined to go to Stockholm to accept the prize because, get this, she was too busy! Curie, who was of Polish descent, but a nationalized French citizen, represents the epitome of bad ass women in science, so dedicated to her work that she ultimately paid the ultimate price.
colorful DIY test tube chandelier Celebrating gay pride? Fill each individual tube with colored water and you have your own instant rainbow! Each chandelier is made with glass test tubes that can be detached. If you break a tube, no worries, the chandelier comes with replacement tubes.

DIY chandelier made with test tubes holds flowersMake your own experimental lighting using colored water, or create your own flower arrangements. There is no end to the creative lighting design you can create with this unique and attractive chandelier.  Change your lighting decor with the each new season: flowers in the spring, bouquets in the summer, changing leaves in the fall and branches in the winter!

Chandelier made with test tubes and filled with colored water unique

These gorgeous chandeliers made from test tubes would be even cooler with vintage test tubes, don’t you think? Interested in purchasing one for yourself? You can browse the full selection of test tube chandeliers on Etsy shop, Pani Jurek. Magda also makes other types of cool lighting designs, check them out!

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