City Angel, Your Danish Friend in the Dark Lonely Subway


We’ve been so busy since returning from Denmark, we’ve barely had time to comb through all of the fantastic designs presented at Copenhagen Design Week 2009. Now that we have a little free time, we thought we’d share some of the products that really piqued our interest.  One of the standout designs of the CODE ’09 show in Copenhagen was Yoav Kolberg’s City Angel chairs. Designed as public seating, the City Angel chair is a durable flip seat with soul.

city angel

The chairs come in adult male and female forms as well as children versions.The color scheme symbolize comfort and security while the human shape and heart cut outs are meant to bring the user a sense of comfort and well-being in dark lonely public places, such as: parks, subways or bus stops.

city angel 2

The designer hopes the chair’s gender design could also help stimulate conversations about gender identity, social issues and sexual equality.

The Chairs are designed to bring up questions and discuss differences in our society. For example what does family and gender mean to us? Combining  them differently can send different messages.  For example 2 man chairs combined with three children chairs can challenge our views on gay families.

We could not find a website for the designer but the info we received at the fair included his email address. For more information contact Yoav Kolberg directly.

Update from Yoav: For more info you can go to his Danish Design School’s website, also we posted another photo we found of the City Angels, hope he doesn’t mind. Thanks Yoav!!!

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2 thoughts on “City Angel, Your Danish Friend in the Dark Lonely Subway

  1. Monica Christensen at -

    I saw these chairs and was really impressed. Its rare to see a design for an urban environment that has such a vulnerability and gentleness to it.

    Thanks for the website.

  2. gal sigal at -

    very niiice!
    yoav you can come and do the designs in my summer house in yafo any time.
    but seriously, this is a gift you have and your ideas are fantastic. can’t wait to see your next creations.

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