Color Trend: Rose Gold Everything!

You can’t be a human on the planet and not notice that rose gold is everywhere. From rose gold hair to rose gold guns, it’s a design trend that hasn’t yet lost its steam. But I think there is a trick to incorporating this attractive color into your home. Too much and it looks gaudy, but with a few carefully placed accessories here and there and it really makes a space pop.

rose gold living room accessories

Ready to add some rose gold home accessories to your living space? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Danya B Rose Gold Accent Tables

These nesting accent tables are the perfect compliment to your living room decor. The black tempered glass keeps the focus on the rose gold legs and is manufactured for durability and safety.

rose gold danya b accent table

Tom Dixon Brew Stovetop Coffee Pot

A chic coffee pot can part of your permanent kitchen decor. This coffee pot by Tom Dixon is one of my favorites. Sure it’s not your standard Mr. Coffee Coffee Pot, but there’s something to be said for brewing the old school way.

tom dixon coffee pot rose gold


Simple Human Trash Can

I’ve owned Simple Human trash cans in the past, and I love them. They are made well, durable without looking too industrial, and some of them even open on their own with a swipe of your hand. There a bit on the pricey side, but in my experience worth it since they last almost forever.

simple human trash can rose gold

Rose Gold Makeup Organizer

Add a bit of glamor to your bathroom while you stay organized with bathroom makeup organizer.

rose gold makeup organizer

Rose Colored Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

You know all of those little kitchen tools and gadgets that make life easier? They’re available in rose gold too! This set from Luvide comes with a can opener, pizza cutter, garlic press, nutcracker, wine opener, wine stopper, ice cream scoop and a veggie peeler.

kitchen gadgets rose gold


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