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My bike!

We are attending Copenhagen Design Week at the end of August and we can’t wait to get back to cozy Copenhagen! What’s the #1 thing we miss when we are away from CPH? Our bike!!! Silly, we know, it’s a bit embarrassing to be so attached to an inanmate object. But we tell you this- you have never experienced freedom until you have owned a bike. Riding a bike in Copenhagen is so incredibly easy and much safer than in NYC. You can hop on your bike and be several miles away in a short amount of time. Bicycles are a big part of Danish lifestyle and you see them wherever you go. A bike takes the place of a vehicle and is just as important to a Dane as a car is for an American. So it is no wonder the bike is much celebrated in this small country.  Check out this blog we found the other day, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. At first we thought it was just a blog featuring pretty Danish girls riding around  Copenhagen but we dug a little deeper and discovered the blog also highlights bicylcle culture in this beautiful Scandinavian city.


An idea that we think could really revolutionize commuter biking in the world-the coffee cup holder for your bike! No longer risk life and limb just so you can enjoy a tasty beverage on your bike.

Why did it take so long to design this? Check it out at The Mod Muse.

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4 thoughts on “Copenhagen Cycle Chic

  1. Love the look of your site – are you having fun with it? Keep up the good work and good luck with your site!

  2. The bicycle culture is definitely one of the best things about living in Copenhagen. I can’t imagine living in a place where I couldn’t get around like that for the rest of my life…

  3. I was checking out your beverage holder. It looks like a great idea but, I can see the coffee splashing when a bike hits a bump. The inventors need to also add a special cup top that will not splash but also provides easy access while riding a bike.
    .-= Kenneth Elliott | Balance Bike´s last blog ..Run Bike – Your Child Can Learn To Fly =-.

  4. trace13 at - Author

    I agree Kenneth. There is definitely room for improvement on this design. A lid is an excellent idea, perhaps even some sort of shock absorber?

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