Costume Highlights from NYDC’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball

Glee Costumes, Elle Decor Staff, Masquerade Ball at NYDC

The design community came out in full force last night for NYDC’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball benefiting Alpha Workshops. The event was a lot of fun and the costumes were so fantastic, we had to share them with you!  The Elle Decor staff (above) came dressed as the cast from Glee! The best coordinated costumes by far. And let me tell you, they sure could dance!

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Prison Costumes

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in their prison costumes, complete with pooch!

Poodle Costume, NYDC Masquerade Ball 2010

And speaking of cute pooches, this poodle was absolutely fantastic! He was a hit and posed for a lot of photos that evening.

Edward Scissor Hands Costume

I didn’t see any Jack Sparrows but Edward Scissor Hands made an appearance at the festivities. He was having a hard time with his drink last time we saw him!

Degas Ballerina Girl Costumes, NYDC Masquerade Ball 2010

The Degas Ballerina Girls stop for a photo op. I loved their costumes. There were a half dozen or so ballerinas roaming the party.

Butterfly Catcher costume

OK I am pretty sure this guy was a character in some Dr. Seuss book or something but I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. I should have asked!

Time Warp Costumes, designer costumes

These folks had us singing, ‘Let’s do the time warp again!’ The wig is super groovy!

LampShade Costume

The lampshade costumes were really great. It must have taken awhile to make them, they were so elegant!

Werewolf Costume, true blood

Surprisingly, we didn’t see any True Blood characters in the house. Perhaps this werewolf made them keep their distance!

Blue Duct Tape Suit Costume

I was really impressed with this guy’s duct tape suit! Head to toe duct tape. Wonder how he held up in the humidity!?

Sailor Boy Costumes

These sailors were just too cute to pass up!

Frenchman and French Lady Costumes

Some of the ladies came dressed to impress in fancy gowns. I really liked this one, it had an embroidered look to it and she worked it!

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