DIFFA’s Dining By Design 2010

Attended the Architectural Digest Home Design Show this weekend and practically made a b-line to our favorite part of AD, DIFFA’s Dining By Design exhibits! Of course we didn’t write a thing down about any of the designs so all we can give you is our interpretation. The comic phone inspired table above was one of the more graphic designs.

We call this Hollywood Asian. Wish our camera were a little better because this picture really doesn’t do it justice. The luminescent table and dramatic background gave the vignette a lot of glamor.

The sign for this exhibit said ‘everything you see in this exhibit’ was reclaimed from the NYC environs. I am sure they washed it first.

Thanks  to Random Night Out’s Nick McGlynn for help with some of the photos and Leo W. for attending. :->

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5 thoughts on “DIFFA’s Dining By Design 2010

  1. I also attended the AD Interior Design Show and was stunned by all the beautiful tablescapes at DIFFA’s Dining by Design. I posted pics of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s table (that’s what I dubbed it) on my blog. Check it out! oldsoulgallery.blogspot.com

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks Nicky! The show was faboo, no? Was a bit disappointed at the turn out this year at AD, but considering the economic climate I guess everyone is saving up for ICFF. Thanks for the link and for stopping by. :>

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