Disabled Degas Graffiti.

This hauntingly beautiful disabled dancer resembles one of the Degas famous ballerinas, only this is no studio portrait, rather it’s the work of a graffiti artist. As reported on Nylon magazine’s new graffiti blog, the “demented” Degas was found around East Houston Street and First Avenue in Manhattan. While the post does not mention the artist one of the commentors reports this to be the work of a “Mr. Brainwash”. Since this very near us, we think we’ll go and investigate ourselves. Hopefully it is still there!

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9 thoughts on “Disabled Degas Graffiti.

  1. Wow. That’s amazing. How long that must have taken, for no one to catch him too. I don’t like to see graffiti, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was more artistic and less gang related.

  2. Great idea! There’s way too little impressionistic graffiti these days… that and strip tease that tells a story – what is this world comming to?

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Umm…striptease Bjoern? OOooookkkkk.

  4. i looked at the website and it seems like these were photoshopped on the computer then the pages were plastered on the wall?? how cool this is! such an elegant contrast to the urban crap around it. talk about beautifying the city! check it out tracy and give us a full report 😉

    JUST COOL Design Blogs last blog post..fun :: your extreme makeover!

  5. trace13 at - Author

    Well there was obviously some mixed media going on here. It looks as if they had indeed plastered some kind of poster up but there was evidence of painting. Either way pretty freaking cool. Thanks for the comments folks!!!

  6. I want to see some Monet or Van Gogh. Van Gogh would definitely fit in with this idea don’t you think? Especially the self-portrait.

  7. trace13 at - Author

    You know Maria, it sure does resemble Banksy perhaps he has taken on a new identity.

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