Dolfi–Clean Your Clothes With Ultrasonic Technology

If you’ve ever had a piece of clothing destroyed in the washing process,(RIP white hand embroidered blouse with little pink flowers) than Dolfi, the next generation washing device, may become your new best friend. Launched on Indiegogo last year, the device uses ultrasonic technology to clean clothes, rather than harsh detergents. Unlike traditional washing methods, the tiny device uses ultrasonic pulses to gently remove dirt and grime from fabrics while using 80% less energy than a washing machine.

indiegogo dolfi washing device ultrasonic technology

Dolfi is not a replacement for your washing machine, at this time it cannot do large loads of laundry, it’s an excellent option for items of clothing that need to be hand washed. It’s also portable and can easily fit into a carry on bag for those on the road.

how does dolfi work

How does it work? Check out the promotional video below.

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