Domestic Animal Radiators


If you live in an old tenement building in NYC, like we do, you’re probably pretty familiar with noisy, leaky, archaic radiators that sound like live animals.  Dutch designer Guus Van Leeuwen must have been inspired by one of these loud antiquities when he designed his animal-shaped radiators. Covered with animal pelts and  crafted out of a single piece of ongoing steel tube that starts and ends at the tail, these unusual creatures provide an alternative to the heating relics we still use. We imagine however, you’d want to remove the pelts during use, since the smell of warm animal fur is not one we have ever seen in a scented candle.

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2 thoughts on “Domestic Animal Radiators

  1. Mmmm…warm animal pelt scent…

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Yea not exactly a warm comforting scent.

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