Don’t Bogart the Candle Dude.

We love a good candle. The glow of the flickering flame and waft of subtle aromas provides our urban living space with a much needed dose of coziness and takes us back to the familiar smells of our pasts. Most candles feature homey smells such as: cinnamon (think apple pie) or vanilla (mmm…sugar cookies) but if your feeling a bit nostalgic for your wild days you might want to pick up  one of the unusual scents from candle maker Hotwicks. With scents like Stripper (heavily perfumed and full of glitter) or Urinal Cake (no, it doesn’t smell like urine the site says). Hotwicks’ mission is to “remind you of cool things”, to take you back to when you were living life on the edge. Most interesting is the Hippie Candle, which apparently smells like your college roommate’s favorite pastime.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Bogart the Candle Dude.

  1. Oh I love vanilla scented candles and lavender and apple. Oh I just love candles, makes a space cozy and warm.

  2. Hey, I love those candles, did you make them yourself or did you buy them? If you made them, I would love to know more.

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