DIY: Make Your Own Herbal Dream Garden

I made this Herbal Dream Garden in under 10 minutes. While it didn’t take long to make it’s full of love and good vibes for the person who will receive it this Christmas!

herbal dream garden in infinity jar dishGive the gift of sweet dreams with a herbal dream garden

As the holidays approach, I’m all about homemade gifts this year. I’ve done my best to cut the amount of junk I bring into my life and what better way to put that into practice, then by making homemade gifts for the holidays. I have a special friend who has had trouble sleeping at night so I thought of an idea to create something for her that would help give her sweet dreams!

Homemade gifts for the holidays are full of love and well wishes

Lavender has many healing benefits and the perfect herb to include in my Herbal Dream Garden gift.  Not only is it calming, a godsend if you’re having trouble sleeping or need to reduce stress, but it has also been shown to relieve dandruff, bloat and itchy skin–it’s a miracle herb!

My mother and I harvested a bunch of lavender from her garden this year so I used what we had leftover after our soap, oil, lavender water making, but you can by dried lavender online or your local health food store.

infinity jars covered UV dish 100ml

It was important to me to choose the perfect vessel for my Herbal Dream Garden after all, this is a gift I want to last a lifetime. I needed a low-lying dish with a lid. I wanted the lavender to last a long time and if they were to leave it uncovered, the herbs would soon lose their potencies and the smell, while pleasant could overpower a room. I found the perfect solution in a 100 ml Glass Covered Dish with Lid from Infinity Jars. It’s about 4.5 inches in diameter, just right for a small gift. The dish is made of ultra-violet glass which completely blocks out light (light accelerates the decay of herbs) therefore preserving the lavender longer.

100 ml covered UV dish from infinity jars

Finally, I wanted to add some special messages to the Herbal Dream Garden. Positive words of encouragement that she could meditate on before she shut her eyes for the night. Initially, I looked for wooden hearts, but couldn’t find any small enough in my local hobby store, so I opted for puffy sticker hearts and these actually worked out perfect since they were light enough to place in the jar and could easily be switched out for new ones, should she want to add her own words to the Dream Garden.


puffy sticker hearts

I wrote a few words of my own and a couple in Swedish (her second language) and will include the rest hearts with the gift. Some believe you should also “charge” your herbs before you use them. Charging herbs simply means focusing your positive energy and thoughts while handling the lavender or whatever herbs your working with. Since it doesn’t hurt, I tried to put all my love and well wishes for my friend into the lavender as I was handling while making the garden.

DIY holiday gift herb garden

So there you have it, a simple heartfelt gift idea for a loved one this holiday season. I know my friend is going to be really touched by this special gift. Are you making any gifts for friends and loved ones? I’d love to see the what you create. Comment below and tell me how you’re celebrating your homemade holiday!

Disclosure: Infinity Jars supplied me with the dish for this tutorial, but did not pay me for my post or opinion.

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