Earthquake Proof Bed

Having experienced two major earthquakes in my young life,  I have a great appreciation for any design that helps to save lives during a such a violent natural disaster.  Trying to protect yourself from falling rubble, while waiting for the shaking, rolling and tossing to stop can be a terrifying experience. In China, a hot spot for earthquake activity, thousands die every year in earthquakes, not from the violent shaking but from being trapped in crumbling buildings. Many can be trapped for days, waiting to be rescued. Saving lives, was precisely the inspiration for retired 66-year-old inventor Wang Wenxi’s Earthquake bed. Designed to help protect it’s occupants from falling building debris, the bed also helps to sustain life should one become trapped in the bed.  Several days worth of survival supplies; drinking water, canned food, a megaphone, a hammer and other equipment can be stashed within the bed’s built in cupboards. I think it looks very cozy. Kind of like a nest of safety. :->

via Daily Chili

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5 thoughts on “Earthquake Proof Bed

  1. Great idea I like it. Especially for places with frequent earthquakes.

  2. Carlos at -

    Interesting concept!

  3. Irene at -

    the design (picture) is the same as METROFARM GMBH-BERLIN

  4. Honestly, I do not see how that bed can protect people from failing debris. Does it have any extra protection on top?
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