Edgy, Elegant Chair for Dream Home

Dream Chair Highback

You know when you see a piece of furniture and you instantly connect with it? I had that experience this morning. There I was doing my hourly daily Pinterest perusal, drinking my iced coffee, when I saw it. Readers of MUL know, I am spiritually connected with furniture. When I see a piece I want and it is way out of my price range, I silently mourn the loss of the sofa that will never be for weeks. That’s kind of the experience I’m having with this little beauty. Other than an image gleaned of an interior designer’s website, there is little information about this chair. No designer, no ‘buy here’, but even I know this gorgeous high back is out of my league, you know, money-wise. I mean, c’mon! Edgy, yet elegant furniture is always expensive. It’s something you have to get used to if you are obsessed with industrial design, like I am. Anytime you see something and think, ‘THAT IS SO COOL!’, you know immediately, it’s gonna cost ya. *sigh So here I go again, pining over a chair that will never be. It’s ok, a girl can still dream. I have a special Pinterest board for things that, hopefully one day, I will be able to afford. I call it Dream Home, so goodbye for now you gorgeous beauty, you. I hope someday we meet again.

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One thought on “Edgy, Elegant Chair for Dream Home

  1. Theron jones at -

    How much for that white chair at top

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