Headed to Coachella? The Festival Chair by TILT is a Showstopper

Musical festival chair by TILT

The Festival Chair by TILT is Coachella Ready

Coachella starts this week, unofficially kicking off the start of summer musical festival madness. Time to grab your buddies, pile into the back of your mom’s minivan and head to the hedonistic revelry that is the backbone of the best summer music festivals. But before you go, check out the Festival Chair by TILT.

This wheelbarrow chair was originally designed Festival Village Project at the Southbank Centre, a mixed-use art hub for festival attendees. This wheelbarrow seat is a necessity for any music fan sick of lugging their stuff from venue to venue. Simply haul your gear, your brewskis (or even your best friend post-brewskis), then park it at the next venue–portable seating!

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chairs for music festivals

Festival Chair can haul anything! Even a friend who maybe had a little too much fun at the music festival.

Playful and fun the Festival Chair is a great conversation piece. Portable and practical, it disrupts our ideas about what furniture should be; breaking with the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what we really use chairs for at a music festival. Hauling ourselves, our festival must-haves, even our friends and having a place to rest our tired bones after a mega jam takes high priority at any outdoor music venue. the festival chair by TILT

Fans of MUL know I am a fan of reuse/recycle, and the Festival Chair hits all of my conservation buttons. Repurposing a wheelbarrow as seating isn’t practical for the every day, but it’s certainly entertaining and gets people talking and thinking outside the box. The Festival Chair debuted in 2012 and is not available for purchase, but consider taking inspiration from the good people of TILT and making your own. It may not be as glamorous, but with a little elbow grease, you too can get the conversation flowing with a DIY version!

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