Get A Handle On It

After our post on this chandelier, we hesitated posting this doorknob by British artist James R Ford. People might begin to think we are the go-to blog for “member” products.However, we pride ourselves on not being prudish here at MUL and we try to post what we find interesting regardless if some might find it offensive. So we decided the Door Appendage X gets it’s 15 minutes of MUL fame! Again we have to wonder who would have the cojones (no pun intended) to actually own one of these handles? The description on the Kith Kin website where this product can be found gives a long spiel on the loss of innocence and nostalgic pubs-blah, blah,blah but c’mon guys…it’s a wiener!

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2 thoughts on “Get A Handle On It

  1. Mikkel at -

    LMAO, wow, this sure looks like it could be the door handle to one of the seedy porn clubs in my neighbourhood

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