Going around in circles.


From Matteo Thun & partners  comes this all-in-one showerhead. Actually this is such a simple design, I ‘m surprised someone hasn’t come up with this before. Not only do I think the use of the plumbing as a shower rod is  clever, making it perfect for a small shower space but I also like the fact the showerhead is located in the center of the stall as opposed to the side, giving a “rainfall” effect. My concern with this product is the durabilty of the plumbing, especially with the added wear and tear a shower rod indures.  Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Going around in circles.

  1. Anders rapp at -

    Yes you are absolutely right. The point is that when it wears and tears it’s already out of fashion so you must buy another or get something new. Let’s consumeconsumeconsume! I agree it looks fantastic though! 🙂

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