Grass Daybed Is Your New Favorite Lounge Area

I’ve been lucky enough to live in many apartments with an outdoor space. For a lot of people I know, that is a luxury. In the city, more often than not, if you do have an outdoor area, it’s either partially or entirely covered with concrete. While I’m the last one to complain about being outdoors, even if there is ne’er a plant in sight, there’s nothing like a backyard of grass to roll around on. So what to do? Here’s one solution, a Day Bed made of grass!

This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to make your own grass daubed. I don’t have a lot of building experience, but even I think I can stumble through it. And it isn’t just a temporary setup, this grass daybed is built to last. It’s basically a raised garden bed, but instead of veggies, you’re growing grass!

daybed made of grass

Have you ever built a raised lawn bed in your backyard space? I’d love to hear about it. Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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