Happiness is a Warm Gun Egg?

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made goofy little pancaked shaped animals to bribe you to eat your breakfast? Same concept here except we’re betting if someone made you a Gun Egg you’d be sure to gobble it all down. ‘Eggs Benedict Arnold’ Anyone?

Made of stainless steel the Gun Egg Mold let’s you decide your weapon of choice.

via Dvice

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3 thoughts on “Happiness is a Warm Gun Egg?

  1. yvonne smith at -

    I just think the egg shaped like a gun is stupid for the lady who commented on is there a gun shaped like bacon she is stupid…..and it’s not funny

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Now, now let’s be nice. Of course the idea is stupid, that’s the point. It’s not meant to be serious!

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