Homeless Igloo is Alternative Shelter for Street People

homeless igloo alternative housing

Bulgarian designer Georgi Djongarski created the  i-gloobox as an alternative source of shelter for homeless citizens.It’s made of thick fabric and has an aluminum frame for stability and provides a much needed respite from outdoor elements.

alternative housing for homeless people an igloo shaped tent

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8 thoughts on “Homeless Igloo is Alternative Shelter for Street People

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  2. T at -

    Does this design work in tropical climates as well or is it specifically designed for winter? This looks like it would be a great alternative for the tents being used in Haiti, many of the people living in those tents have been complaining about the extreme heat that builds up inside the plastic containers in which they’re living in.

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Not sure if this design would be appropriate for tropical locales. While the people in Haiti and other parts of the world are in desperate need of adequate shelter, I believe this particular design is strictly for climates with cooler weather. You don’t see many tropical igloos! That being said, it’s refreshing to see designers using their skills to better the lives of others. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Jason D at -

    The failure in this design I see is the fact its ground based..there should be a gap incase of rain, ice, snow etc as an air gap could give much required heat and avoid water damage

  5. Tracy at - Author

    Good point, Jason. Perhaps a design that suspends or elevates the unit would make more sense. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Jason D at -

    To have a foam type material to not just keep it from the ground but also air pockets so the body heat gradually heats the seating area could held and to have some extra points to hold it even as little as two inches from the ground to allow water to pass under in the event of rain or frozen ground.

    I don’t think that would be too difficult to add on in the form of a bendable foam area that would be under the cart when assembled with perhaps a few tennis ball sized attachments to keep it from the ground they were of a material that wouldn’t transmit the cold to the foam groundsheet while keeping a modern appeal to the design

  7. Jason D at -

    Another alternative would be to base this design like a slide out that you see on an RV.

    You would keep personal items in the rounded sides and enough room in the middle to lie down and sleep, then when moving around wind in the sides which would then take up the space in the center as you’d not be using it.

    The hand used to push it could have a mechanism where upon when its pulled back over itself into the sphere on a night it would lift the wheels and flat feet replace them.

    this would keep the habitat safe from moving and with the pushing handle inside also keep the place safe from stealing, it would only have to go slightly inwards for safety reasons and with a semi fixed shape the sphere would have extra strong walls to avoid damage from outside.

    Just another idea

  8. Tracy at - Author

    I really like this idea! It would be great if the igloo were super mobile as well, since a lot of homeless are often nomads.Incorporating the sides as storage and adding some wheels might just work.

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